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Any person who wishes to possess, transport or use a firearm that is not licensed in the state of Western Australia must obtain an appropriate permit prior to entering the state.
The following permits are available:
Please see Resources section below for relevant forms
All supporting documents must be submitted together with an Application when lodgement is made. 
The required supporting documents are laid out below. 

A completed Temporary Permit Application (Form 6). 
A copy of your interstate licence and identification card. 
A property permission letter from a landowner in Western Australia (if an applicant intends to conduct any recreational hunting and shooting). 
If an applicant is conveying a firearm from a deceased estate – Will probate documents and a letter from the Executor of the Will granting ownership to the applicant (or any other authority document from an appropriate agency i.e. Public Trustee or similar). 
Once completed the application form is to be submitted via email to: Licensing Services; or by post to Licensing Services, Locked Bag 9, EAST PERTH WA 6892.  
Please note: All applicants will be subjected to a probity check prior to the issue of a permit. 


A completed Temporary Permit Application (Form 6). 
A copy of the applicant’s interstate licence and identification card. 
A copy of your Club or Association membership. 
Official documents outlining the Club event that you are participating in. 
Once completed the application form is to be submitted via email to: Licensing Services; or by post to Licensing Services, Locked Bag 9, EAST PERTH WA 6892.  
Please note: All applicants will be subjected to a probity check prior to the issue of a permit. 


A completed Application for WA Police Certification of a Prohibited Import B709 Permit. 
When listing the firearm/part, describe the goods as clearly as possible. 
Where possible, include images or details of the web page where the item can be viewed. 
In the event the applicant has not obtained a B709 permit and Australian Border Force (ABF) have seized the item(s) and requested the applicant to obtain a B709 permit, you should also provide a copy of the Australian Border Force Seizure Notice B511 form. 
Once completed the application form is to be submitted via email to: Licensing Services; or by post to Licensing Services, Locked Bag 9, EAST PERTH WA 6892.  
Please note: All applicants will be subjected to a probity check prior to the issue of a permit. 

If the applicant is importing a firearm or major firearm parts which are not licensed in Western Australia, they will also be required to obtain a Temporary Permit. Generally, a Temporary Permit is only issued to the importer if they are the holder of a current Western Australia Firearms Licence.
Firearms that have never been licensed in Australia will be seized by Australian Border Force and subjected to a full safety test which must be passed prior to release.
If goods are to be collected by a dealer the applicant must provide:

Name of the person from the dealership who will collect the goods
Dealership name
Dealership address
Dealership licence number

The B709 Permit will then be issued in their name acting as agent for the applicant.


An Original Temporary Permit can only be issued for up to a 3 month period and is subject to a monthly scheduled fee or part thereof.

Please note: legislation only permits two Original Permits being issued in a single 12 month period. If a person wishes to retain the firearm after this process the applicant would need to consider making an application for a permanent Western Australian Firearm Licence.
If a person is an interstate sporting group or association they can apply for an Interstate Group Permit.  These permits do not usually incur a fee.
Please note: Interstate Group Permits will only be issued for a maximum period of 28 days.   

Applications should be submitted by a group representative, detailing each group member and the associated firearm details.  

An Interstate Group Permit must be submitted 1 month prior to the event date to allow for processing time and return postage of the permit.  All hand written applications must be clear and legible and include full names, dates of birth, residential addresses used (Not PO Boxes), and full firearm and serial number details.  Any application that is illegible will delay processing times. 

Should any member wish to remain in Western Australia longer than the 28 day period of an Interstate Group Permit they should consider submitting a Form 17 Temporary Permit Application. Fees may apply.
Certain items are designated as prohibited in legislation and you should review the Firearms Act 1973, the Firearms Regulations 1974, the Weapons Act 1999 and the Weapons Regulations 1999 which can be found in the Related Information section below.  

In addition to State Legislation, imported items are also subject to Federal Legislation and as such an applicant should also consult Australian Border Force and review the legislation Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956. 

It is important an applicant confirms the item they are seeking to import is permitted as this will avoid any financial loss through purchase cost and return postage should the item not be permitted. 

Please note: Applicants must apply for a Prohibited Import B709 Permit prior to ordering and shipping the item(s).
There is no legislation requiring a firearm in transit with a licence holder to be stored in a particular way in Western Australia (i.e. in a locked cabinet or container).  

However, Section 23(9)(a) Firearms Act 1973 requires that any person in actual physical possession of, custody or control of a firearm or ammunition must take all reasonable precautions to ensure its safe keeping.   

Therefore, the licence holder must ensure that an unauthorised person cannot gain access to their firearm or ammunition whilst in transit.  

It is recommended that any firearm or ammunition in transit be stored in an appropriate locked container, and where possible secured to the transport vehicle and not visible from outside the vehicle. If a firearm is to be left unattended, consideration should be given to have the firearm stored at a police station or a licensed firearm dealership that holds an approved Warehouseman Authority (Fees will apply).

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