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Glock 19x



Manufacturer: Glock

Action Type : Recoil-operated,semi-automatic

Caliber: 9mm

Magazine: 17 rounds

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Here comes Glock with a new factory gun with the finger grooves gone. A decently textured frame and the proportions are 180 degrees out from the cool-guy 19 L. Instead, the new Glock Glock 19X has the compact slide of a Glock 19 mated to the full-length grip of a Glock 17. Glock 19 gen 4 for sale

In fact, the grip is slightly longer than that on a Glock 17. Due to a downward-protruding lip at the front of the mag.

The Glock  Glock 19X comes in any color you want. As long as the color you want is Coyote Tan with black accents, although a slightly different. All-black version designated the Glock 45 has just been introduced.

The slide is finished using a proprietary nPVD process that results in a color reminiscent of the “Burnt Bronze” that is so popular in this current year.

Why you should Buy Glock 19x guns online

Buy Glock 19x online, The frame has been mold from a matching Coyote Tan polymer, as are the magazines.  The Glock 19X is available to the general public. Like all Gen 4 /5 Glocks, the Glock 19x ships with three magazines. One of them is a regular, flush-fit 17-round magazine, the other two are 19-rounders thanks to color-coordinated. Factory two-round extensions. Aft of the magazine well. The normal Glock backstrap channel is filled with a removable Coyote Tan plug featuring a molded-in lanyard loop.

You see, the Glock 19 grip is not only shorter than the Glock 17 grip but it’s also contoure differently. For a shooter who wears medium or large gloves, the arch of the 19’s grip can hit right in the heel of the hand, which is why there’s a cottage industry of people doing grip reductions and straightening that area out.

Specification of Glock 19 gen 4 for sale

Manufacturer: Glock
Action Type : Recoil-operated, semi-automatic
Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 17 Round magazine
Frame Material: Polymer

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